About PRG

Who Are We ?

PRG's philosophy is very simple: take the customer where they want to go!

Whether you're a well-established company just looking to simplify or grow your existing sales, marketing and distribution programs, or a manufacturer with a new product for the marketplace, PRG can help you accomplish your goals. You will find our services to be very diverse and flexible.

There isn't another sales and marketing company that offers the complete range of services that PRG offers. This gives us a tremendous advantage in the marketplace. We can effectively reach many customers in the USA, Canada and Mexico. Being able to offer nationwide services is a huge advantage to our clients because of the simplification of having one source for so many services.

PRG is well-positioned in the marketplace as outsourcing has become an accepted way of doing business today. Most companies find it a less expensive and quicker method of achieving their goals.

We Will:

  • Receive satisfaction from determining workable solutions to problems
  • Work optimally with minimal supervision
  • Quickly learn new techniques and procedures
  • Take pride in my professional record
  • Set high performance standards for myself
  • Enjoy being with and working with others
  • Adjust to situations dealing with problems and stress
  • Prioritize tasks to ensure timely completion
  • Enjoy working as part of a corporate team
  • Focus on details and still maintain an objective view of the overall perspective
  • Enjoy the challenge of becoming increasingly more proficient at a given task
  • Effectively coordinate and communicate between personnel at various organizational levels
  • Be motivated by the challenge to organize and implement special projects
  • Enjoy facing new challenges and responsibilities
  • Enjoy interacting with and motivating others
  • Receive satisfaction from coordinating specialized projects
  • Enjoy working as part of a technical support team
  • Enjoy the challenge associated with achieving personal and professional goals
  • Enjoy successfully managing all facets of business operations
  • Work steadily towards accomplishing set goals
  • Be committed to a course of action, follow-through to successful conclusion
  • Use individual initiative and judgment to make competent decisions
  • Accurately complete assignments and special projects in a timely manner

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